Sunday 18 March 2018

Homophobic diatribe is archaic

Sir -- In his article entitled 'Loud and proud gays want to take over rest of society', (Sunday Independent, Oct 30, 2011), Eamon Delaney writes as an author concerned about the threat of the gay community, which is 'forgetting that it is the minority'; the White Knight who protects the mainstream from the liberal agenda of granting human rights and privileges to the insatiable 'gays'. He is, however, quick to point out that he is all for gay rights -- he has, in fact, garnered a deep understanding of the issues faced by many gay people from his best friends, even going so far as to 'live in a very gay area' and wearing denim jackets and tartan shirts. The rest of his comments that follow must be okay then, right?

Wrong. In fact, Delaney's homophobic diatribe is contradictory, archaic and mostly inaccurate.

Rather than changing mainstream culture, same-sex couples want to be a part of it -- making marriage a more accessible feature of society and celebrating the purpose of the institution as a means of social recognition of the relationships that mean most to us. For gay people who have grown up in a straight environment, it does indeed seem extremely unfair that the right to have their relationships -- and, crucially, the children of those relationships -- recognised in the same way as their brothers and sisters is stripped of them the minute they (at times after years of self loathing and self doubt) admit to themselves and others that they are attracted to someone of the same sex.

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