Thursday 14 December 2017

Home truths on bailout and FF

Sir -- The piece by Daniel McConnell (Sunday Independent, Sept. 11, 2011) has set the record straight, perhaps in a sense of national pride, in relation to the pressure that came from Europe for Ireland to accept the bailout terms and give away our sovereign rights and force the taxpayer to pay for the sins of a few. Thus they would save the great banking institutions of Europe that in the first instance had caused the problem of over-supplying an unregulated Irish banking sector over many years just so that people could sell houses to each other in a small country.

Mr McConnell's well researched article also brought home the truth about where Fianna Fail principles had gone. For over a decade builders, developers and greedy speculators took FF to lunch so that a reckless banking regime could go about its business in an awful manner that in the end smelled like dictatorship through the democratic system.

What a pity for the ordinary members of this once-great party.

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