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Home truths

I write to highlight my predicament in relation to the Non Principal Private Residence charge.

With all of the publicity surrounding the €100 household charge, I feel this charge has been overlooked.

I am a qualified solicitor who was made unemployed in 2009. I went to Australia to further my career in law, but having been unable to find work there, I came home in early 2011. Again, unable to find work on my return, I was forced to move back into my family home and rent the house I had bought as I could not afford the mortgage.

I was contacted by the council in late October 2011 to inform me of my liability for the NPRR for the previous two years. With a €200 a year payment due, and penalties accruing at the rate of €20 a month per yearly charge, my liability now stands at €920.

To clarify matters, I do not own a second home. I own one home. I am informed that I am liable for the charge because I no longer live in it.

This is grossly unfair. My house is not an investment property; it is a home that I can no longer afford due to the actions of the previous government.

There must be a huge number of people who are in the same situation as myself, and it is time we spoke out against this unjust and arbitrary tax.

Bobby Kennedy
Mount Merrion, Co Dublin

Irish Independent