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Home truths

•It should come as no surprise that more than 55,000 mortgages are in arrears. Clearly, in the present vacuum, people in difficulty, and others, are increasingly and quietly making their own decisions.

People are intelligent enough to assess for themselves the bizarre injustice and inequality of treatment of the bailed-out banks, bankers and developers.

They witness the abject weakness of our politicians and their failure to balance a totally lopsided austerity programme.

They see again an unrepentant Bertie Ahern claim outrageous expenses.

They have witnessed Brian Cowen and his discredited and incompetent pals in Fianna Fail retire with massive lump sums and enormous pensions for life.

They see those that destroyed our economy and our way of life, luxuriate on the golf courses and resorts of Europe, totally unrepentant and unaffected by the recession they created.

They have seen senior civil servants such as Patrick Neary, and Rody Molloy and bankers Brian Goggin, Michael Fingleton and Eugene Sheehy, retire on equally spectacular terms.

What they haven't seen, of course, is none of these politicians, bankers or civil servants being exposed to any sanction, discomfort or even mild reprimand.

Unbelievably, and worst of all, citizens of this republic have witnessed Finance Minister Michael Noonan pathetically and meekly say that his hands are tied on these momentous injustices "due to contractual considerations".

As a result, we as a people, irrespective of our circumstances, have decided to act strategically and simply to share our pain with the banks.

Nature and intelligent people will always fill a vacuum.

John Cooney

Irish Independent