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Home thoughts

My advice to young people is forget about mortgaging your lives away to the banks by buying a house.

A far better option is to obtain a local authority house and since the local authorities are going to be receiving €100 (rising each year) from each of us foolish enough to have bought our own homes, they will have pots of money to build new homes for the unfortunate young people who did not have the opportunity to emigrate from our beleaguered country and who will never have job security or be able to purchase a home.

In obtaining a council home you will avoid the household charge; if you need to call out the Fire Brigade you will not have to pay the €500 imposed upon homeowners; you will receive free landscaping and upkeep of the estate together with free maintenance and free repairs to your home; you will not require boiler cover or exorbitant buildings insurance as your landlords will look after all this.

Most importantly, you will have security for life in the knowledge that if your circumstances should further decline, your rent will be re-assessed to the most nominal amount possible and that will enable you to keep your home come what may!

David Bradley

Drogheda, Co Louth