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Holy show

• In a week when we see more scandal emanating from the Vatican, I can't but muse that the treachery, intrigue and corruption unearthed would have any of Dan Brown's novels looking less believeable.

Not alone is the plot more captivating, it is also far more credible in its depiction of how human nature can debase itself -- no matter how hallowed its surroundings.

What the butler saw -- and appears to have now divulged -- has shown us yet again just how power-driven, cynical and self-serving this Vatican institution is.

However, the speed and efficiency at which it responded to the leaks is at least commendable and no less breathtaking when we contrast it with the lethargic, half-hearted responses given to the countless cases of child abuse -- the result, or lack of result, which allowed abuse to be carried on long after it had been uncovered.

'Intrinsically disordered' appears to be a term the Vatican applies when trying to justify its homophobic intolerance. That could well be the most apt term in describing this ecclesiastical titan which appears to have forgotten just who it was set up to serve.

Adrienne Garvey
South Circular Road, Dublin 8

Irish Independent