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History's wheel has come full circle

Is history repeating itself? Irish revolutionary leader Michael Collins (centre) and Gearoid O'Sullivan (right) at the ceremony to launch the Irish Free State in Dublin, in March 1922. Walshe/Topical Press Agency/Getty Imagesl A couple of years ago my father, a farmer, decided to sow whole grass crop on our farm for the first time in over 30 years.

I asked him why, because everybody buys in feed for cattle nowadays.

I will never forget his answer: "It's just too dear to buy everything, and anyway, the world has a habit of going and coming in circles."

With the publication of the Mahon Tribunal Report, it struck me how politics in Ireland has come full circle just as we approach the centenary of 1916.

Nearly 100 years ago, the predecessors of Fianna Fail passed their time blowing up bridges, roads and many of their fellow countrymen in an attempt to subvert and destroy the new Irish State.

Fine Gael's predecessors spent that same time trying to desperately found the new independent Ireland and give to future generations, including our own, a free and sovereign nation and state we could proudly call our own.

The guns are gone but it seems not a lot has changed. Again, in 2012, a Fine Gael-led government is given the responsibility of rescuing the State while some in Fianna Fail have been exposed as trying to do what they could to subvert it -- this time from within and from the top.

Added to the job of rescuing the State from the EU/IMF bailout, Fine Gael once again has the duty and responsibility of building trust in the democratic institutions of the State.

The former task will hopefully be completed in two years but the latter will take a generation to fulfil.

Hopefully, our country will begin round two of our history with open eyes and a long memory.

Eric Keane
New Quay, Co Clare

Irish Independent