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Hindsight . . . Pair of bogeys . . . Rip-off . . . Nixon-like

Fianna Fail had no insight or foresight. I hope the voters have hindsight.

Kevin Devitte
Westport, Co Mayo

  • I really can't understand the fuss about Seanie and Brian being on the golf course. It was just two "bogeys" looking down some dark holes and getting their card marked. After all, it's par for the course.

Sean Kelly
Tramore, Co Waterford

  • Mr Keane (Letters, January 12) complains about the practice of the Consumers Association of Ireland "backing" the below-cost selling of alcohol by supermarkets to the detriment of jobs in pubs.

Mr Keane fails to see what almost every consumer recognises as rip-off practices by pubs in relation to the prices publicans expect consumers to pay for non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks.

Charges imposed for non-alcoholic drinks by publicans border on extortion in my opinion.

It's about time publicans woke up and smelled the coffee.

Michael Kelly
Dublin 15

  • Cowen's diary was left blank on golfing day. This reminds me of Richard Nixon when 18 minutes of tape about Watergate was erased. This is "Cowengate"; same s**t, different century.

E Marum
Toronto, Canada

  • Peter Sutherland condemns the 'apocalyptic' economic outlook blighting Ireland's hope of recovery.

Yes, there is a lot of negativity right now but then how many Irish businesses are really viable? Many are clinging on hoping for a better year ahead. Too many young people are being forced to emigrate.

Cocooned from the real world with Goldman Sachs bonuses, isn't it time that Sutherland discovered the Ireland that is hurting from the failure of the banks? He seems very muted in condemning the masters of Ireland's economic disaster.

Bernard O'Grady
Muswell Hill, London

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