Wednesday 22 January 2020

Higgins is past it

Michael D Higgins
Michael D Higgins

Madam – Would somebody in authority kindly remove old Higgins from the Aras and dispatch him to pasture. He is well past his sell-by date. I refer to the news item 'Higgins begins 11-day Central American visit', (Sunday Independent, October 20, 2013).

I and many others have had enough of his meandering speeches. I am convinced that he has found a magic wardrobe in the Aras, and like the magic one in The Chronicles Of Narnia, has gone through the back of it, emerging into a world in which he imagines he is the gifted seer or wizard to inspire the rest of us.

We have to contend with an austere harsh regimen, while he waxes elegantly about his glorious past as an human rights activist in Central America.

Dan O'Connell,

Cork city

Sunday Independent

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