Thursday 22 February 2018

Heroes of 1916 deserve honour

On the 75th anniversary of the Easter Rising in 1991, the Irish Government bowed to pressure from unrepresentative groups who were ideologically opposed to Irish separatism and formally ignored that most seminal event in Irish history -- the Easter Rising -- which rid most of this country of British colonial rule.

However, Niall Ginty (Letters, May 29) and Brian Caffrey ('Put 2016 celebrations for Rising on ice', Letters, May 29), display the malevolence of these post-colonial revisionists and expose the paucity of their arguments.

The statement by Mr Ginty of the Reform Movement that "we only have to look at how the 1966 commemorations of the Rising provided a renewed impetus for recruitment to the ranks of the IRA which, in turn, spawned the PIRA" is one which I reject -- as would, presumably, Irish Independent columnist, Kevin Myers.

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