Tuesday 21 January 2020

Here comes the sun, and more continue to jump before being pushed

• After the intoxicating joy of the first real blissful signs of summer experienced throughout the land over the weekend, even a cursory glance in a newspaper this morning is sobering in the extreme, to say the least.

Pathetic fallacy abounded on a balmy afternoon across the country, with the general mood of the people of Ireland as high as the pleasant temperatures being experienced last Saturday.

Higher still were the jubilant birds in the sky, who sang their hearts out, ready to burst, as the sun placed a biting kiss of death on the lying lips of Bertie Ahern, heralding the sunset of his utterly repugnant political career.

Pathetic fallacy continued to abound in the air as news of Mr Ahern's resignation from Fianna Fail emanated from the chirping beaks of gleeful birds throughout the land.

Sending indeed a clear message to any future elected representative that the mandate to govern bestowed upon them is to be used for the betterment of society and not for their own personal gain.

As the sun continued to shine, more of the faithful, or unfaithful depending on what you choose to believe, hastened to jump before being pushed, as the incumbent Government assured us of its intention to follow up on the findings of the Mahon Tribunal.

Let us hope, nonetheless, that the Government is not just coming out with its patently insincere genre of rhetoric and spin, and is not just paying lip-service to the grievous, although well-anticipated, findings of the by now infamous Mahon Tribunal. Yes indeed, if we are to believe it, and I hope we can.

Our Government has reacted in a by now typical and anticipated fashion, promising to refer said findings to the DPP, An Garda Siochana, Revenue and, last but by no means least, the Standards in Public Office Commission.

Let us hope that we don't experience the all-too-familiar lack of follow-up experienced in relation to the findings of other equally damning, repugnant, costly and time-consuming tribunals.

To the the lads and ladies of Leinster House, rest assured, the people of Ireland expect and indeed demand follow-up and, where proven, warranted and deserving, convictions and appropriate sentencing.

Our hitherto infamous "complete absence of a sense of outrage" has been restored, along with our sense of sight.

Let us put an end to this culture of two-tier justice system in our country.

Hide for now, all ye who would betray our trust.

Donnacha O'Dubhghaill
Bray, Co Wicklow

Irish Independent

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