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Herd instinct

• With the fiscal compact referendum approaching after the media debacle that was the household charge, people should now inform themselves if they intend to vote.

I fear that ill informed individuals will vote No because they don't like the Government. With the unpopularity generated from the household charge storm, dare I say it, the unintelligent will vote against the fiscal treaty for the sake of it.

I have no issue with any voter reading the treaty and fundamentally disagreeing with its content. I do take issue with any government basher deciding they are voting against it because the Government supports it.

This is the essence of ignorance; an indictment of the culture of disinterest and disillusionment in Irish politics. If you want to vote, at least inform yourself enough to make an honest contribution to your country's future. I'm not here to preach the Yes side, but I want to make people aware that their decision at the ballot box will make a difference to our country, one way or another.

You wouldn't sign a contract without reading it, and in the same vein, you wouldn't dismiss the contract without sieving through it.

There were ructions when Brian Cowen campaigned for a Yes to Lisbon without reading it, so don't be a hypocrite, and educate yourself.

Justin Kelly
Edenderry, Co Offaly

Irish Independent