Saturday 24 February 2018

Heart laden with gloom

Madam – Maybe it's the November gloom allied to six decades of shuffling around this old State, but rarely have I ever felt so laden in heart and mind. Today's issue of the Sunday Independent reminds me of a dog who has chased his tail to the point of exhaustion and then collapses on the ground, worn from the futility of the exercise.

Inside its excellent layout we are shown how the rich developers glide by, oblivious to the mayhem they created. A friend when filling out forms looking for financial assistance for their elderly parent in an old folks' home was asked a question. Had they disposed of any assets inside the last few years? Seems as if the developers' stampede to hide under their wives' skirts doesn't count when the State comes calling for some form of payback.

The only thing they suffered was a dint to their vainglorious pride and arrogance. The State took care of their financial woes and we, the tax underbelly, ensured the status quo for those who remained. The future for Ireland seems to be this: let's concrete our way back into the business world. Like a fatal romance that's going to end in tears, the Government still sends flowers and chocolates to moguls of misery.

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