Tuesday 10 December 2019

Healy-Rae a chip off the old block

Sir -- Events of the last week have shown up the Healy-Raes in their true colours.

Michael is a real chip off the old block. He is in the Dail for all he can get out of the taxpayer, just like Jackie was. Look at all the expenses Jackie claimed over the years. It's about time the electorate copped on and stopped voting for these "Gombeen" men. In a time when the eyes of the world are on us, we must be seen to elect more credible candidates than the likes of Healy-Rae.

He and his bunch of merry men (Independents) are the biggest waste of time and space in the current Dail -- and, by the way, I am not making an exception for this paper's journalist. They hop up and down day after day like a "Jack in the box" making the most ridiculous statements. What purpose do they serve? The electorate that voted in this strange bunch must be wondering how they could have ever ended up with this shower.

Are you, the reader, fed up with these Independents? Because I most certainly am. The only crumb of comfort that I have is that I can sleep easily at night knowing that we have no Lowrys or Healy-Raes holding the country to ransom like they did over the years of previous administrations. Looking back now, it all seems like a bad dream. If only it was.

Patrick Ruane,

Athenry, Co Galway

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