Tuesday 20 February 2018

Have last 30 years altered our view?

Madam – Further to Carol Hunt's article (Sunday Independent November 25, 2012): She states that we, the people of Ireland, need to wake up and admit that the 1983 amendment to the constitution which 'equated the life of a zygote with that of a grown woman is a gross insult to women'. With due respect may I suggest that Ms Hunt wake up and haul herself into 2012. Modern technology has come a long way since 1983. It may have been acceptable to refer to a developing child in the womb as a clump of cells 30 years ago when it was not possible to view the developing child in such minute detail. The use of the term 'grouping of cells' is quite plainly a lie. 3D scans and colour images of the child in the womb can be easily accessed on the internet. From four weeks' gestation it is very clear that we are not dealing with a 'minuscule grouping of cells'.

I am not going into the rights and wrongs of either the pro-life viewpoint or the pro-abortion viewpoint. Pictures speak a thousand words and there will be few people who view these beautiful images on the websites who can deny outright that what they are viewing is a human baby .

'A grouping of cells which may or may not survive to become a foetus vs a woman's life' is a very simplistic way of viewing the issue at hand and it is not the situation in most cases. The article smacks of a spoiled teen demanding her rights but not interested in researching why those 'rights' have been denied or limited thus far or indeed why it is so difficult to come to a decision regarding the abortion issue.

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