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Harris to be commended

Sir -- Eoghan Harris deserves great credit for his courage in going to the Liam Lynch commemoration last Sunday and delivering a well-crafted and all-embracing speech. That some of his audience did not take kindly to his utterings, with one person from a well-known political family reputedly spitting at him, says a lot about their respect for freedom of speech and respect for all traditions on this island. I thought that we had moved beyond those times. Had this speech been delivered, say, in Northern Ireland by a Sinn Fein politician, it would have been hailed as a milestone.

Mr Harris is to be commended too for his remembrance of RIC men O'Donoghue and Crean from Kerry. If we are to move forward, there must be room at the table for everyone.

Brendan Cafferty

Ballina, Co Mayo

Sunday Independent