Saturday 7 December 2019

Harney's costly time in office

THIS is what Health Minister Mary Harney said when asked about the cost of the bank bailouts: "It's terrible that we have €46bn of a debt as a result of reckless lending and a failure to enforce regulation by those that had the responsibility to do so. There's no doubt it's dreadful" (Irish Independent, October 2).

What is "dreadful" about this comment is the fact that Ms Harney, along with her colleagues, is intent on passing the buck. Or even worse, she may not yet have grasped the fact that the "dreadful" position we are in was created by policies that she foisted on us and which she is still employing in destroying our health service.

I propose that from now on the only question that journalists should ask members of our Government is: "When can we have a general election?"

At least that will spare us the "terrible" Bart Simpsonesque gibberish we have to listen to.

Jim O'Sullivan

Irish Independent

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