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Hard times in the land God forsook

There can be no denying the fact that Bertie Ahern and Brian Cowen stood idly by as this country lost its soul or, as Matt Cooper so rightly puts it, "were asleep at the wheel".

Neither of these men or their associates and their families appear to be suffering the type of hardship being suffered by so many in this country.

By contrast we are a couple in our 60s, who worked all our lives to provide ourselves with the comfort of a modest house, now unemployed for the past two years and being harassed by the bank for arrears although an arrangement with them has been agreed.

We have no hope of selling our house without sustaining considerable loss, and have used up almost all our savings to supplement the dole just to survive.

In effect, we are trapped in a god-forsaken land we no longer wish to live in.

I bet the above mentioned persons and those responsible for this situation will laugh their socks off at our plight.

Frances Mugridge

Irish Independent