Wednesday 29 January 2020

Hard Labour

• With regard to the fiscal austerity referendum, I would like to appeal to Eamon Gilmore. Eamon, you are drowning in a sea of hubris and power-induced arrogance. But don't worry, reality is coming to the rescue. For now, just focus on the Workers Party days until the penny drops.

Take a look at the French Socialists. They are not having it Eamon. They have not even started imposing austerity, but they have had enough of it already.

Take a walk around the streets you walked when telling your voters it was going to be Labour's way over Frankfurt's way. You may need a riot shield as you appeal directly to the voters to accept Labour-imposed austerity.

Have a look over at the Dutch; hardly radicals, they too are running away from austerity before "compacting" the poor. And what about having a look over the heads of the poor in Iceland? They put their former prime minister on trial for cocking up. Eamon, is that your head disappearing into the sand? How the heck am I supposed to appeal over your head with you down there?

Come up here and tell the poor, welfare-dependant and emigrants that 10 more years of austerity is not only being imposed, but should be voted upon by the poor and welfare-dependent.

Declan Doyle
Lisdowney, Kilkenny

• Recent developments in France, Holland and Irish unions are a wake-up call for those who blindly support the forthcoming treaty referendum. The worn cliches employed by the 'yes' side were tolerated in good times, but people are now too angry to accept them. Ineffective, mouthy politicians cause less damage in good times than in present circumstances.

The incompetence of our governments has led the country from 'Lisbon for jobs' to having to accept a place in the queue for more IMF hand-outs. Thousands of civil servants and public representatives later, Ireland is now as low as it can get. Why have we allowed these people to occupy their excessively paid positions, just to lead the country on to the rocks?

Florence Craven
Maynooth, Co Kildare

Irish Independent

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