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Sunday 24 June 2018

Had Humphries been on the dole, he'd have got 10 years in jail

Jailed: Tom Humphries. Photo: Collins
Jailed: Tom Humphries. Photo: Collins
Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Tom Humphries deserves equal and fair treatment from the judicial system. This has not happened. The very things that mitigated him getting a soft sentence, ie. being a pillar of society, his penmanship, his job, his status, all of those should have been factors that saw a stiffer sentence imposed.

Instead the ruling seemed to cast weight to the status of Humphries, not the 14-year-old victim. We learned he was credited for pleading guilty. That occurred last March, five years after the case was initiated. Presumably all avenues of escape for him had closed, hence that guilty plea.

Humphries got a sentence that fits many people's view of how Middle Ireland takes care of its own. Had Humphries been a guy on the dole, I have no doubt the book would have been thrown at him along with a 10-year sentence.

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