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I am gutted at the news that Gruel restaurant -- loved by its customers and recommended by guidebooks -- has closed.

For me it was the only restaurant in Dublin's city centre that consistently provided cheap, interesting food in a warm, informal setting. Is there anything we can do to save this unique restaurant, and by doing so, change the underlying factors that have forced its closure?

Conor Brophy
Clontarf, Dublin 3

  • Speaking on RTE's 'Prime Time' last Thursday, Batt O'Keeffe said Brian Cowen would always put the party before himself and his first concern was the party. Is this proof that he puts the country in third place?

Ciaran Morgan
Co Dublin

  • The news that Bord Gais is to invest €2m in tidal energy is welcome. The cost of infrastructure is high, but it is a worthwhile investment because the fuel costs nothing and will last forever. It compliments wind energy, and with hydro-power and pumped storage, it is feasible to eventually produce all of Ireland's electrical energy from renewables.

However, transport is 99.99pc dependent on fossil fuels; there is no practical alternative and unless this is addressed we are doomed.

Michael Job
Glengarriff, Co Cork

  • With the general election not far off, now is the time to make sure that the next government will take on the challenge of introducing universal healthcare.

This will mean taking on some vested interests across the medical, nursing and allied professions.

The present two-tier system is costing us, literally, our lives and is a waste of precious resources. We need a fairer more equitable service where everyone is working for the health of the nation rather than bickering, blaming and wasting money.

Alice O'Flynn
Blanchardstown, Dublin 15

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