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Grown-up politics for Ireland, please

I SEE that since November, the junior part of our Government has been distancing itself from Fianna Fail – no fada intended! Coincidentally, our esteemed Finance Minister is begging Brussels for our loan interest rates to be lowered.

Maybe I'm just not in on it but it seems like a bad joke to hope Jose Manuel Barroso would give up a good moneymaking exercise in Ireland because we ask nicely and in light of such political division here.

Maybe everyone in Government and the Dail would like to put on their grown-up pants and focus on Ireland instead of hoping for re-election, so that younger generations can have a future here and not have to go abroad.



FF fury at state of party not country

I NOTED watching the news that apparently a lot of Fianna Fail TDs and backbenchers are furious at the way Brian Cowen has left their organisation. Ironically, I do not recall at any time since this recession began any Fianna Failer expressing anger or fury at the state this country is in, leaving the Irish people who have decided to stay here depressed and desperate.

It is galling to see that these politicians are being rewarded financially by opting out and not facing their fate in the upcoming election. I would not leave any one of them responsible for putting out my bins at night.

What goes around comes around and with a bit of luck they will disintegrate as a party and we will never see their like again.



Government is failing to govern

ARE ministers now being appointed, or not as the case may be, on the basis of how much pressure is applied by others (Greens)? Surely things like competence, experience, ability, capability and capacity – to carry out one job, never mind two – must be taken into account before appointing someone as minister of a department.

It’s quite a responsibility, after all. I've seen more thought and process put into the appointment of a team captain in an under-14 GAA team. It seems the powers that be are running this country on the basis of “ah, sure, it’s only for a few weeks, keep yer head down till March 11”. This is truly unbelievable stuff.

Yours, a 31-year-old who has always previously voted for Fianna Fail – can’t see that happening again though.