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Greyhounds badly treated

Greyhounds badly treated

Madam --I am writing to commend Fiona O'Connell on her most accurate portrayal of life for the average greyhound in Ireland (Sunday Independent, May 27, 2012).

Whether it is throwing a cowering and frightened greyhound into a river to clean him, shooting and dumping dead greyhounds in a quarry or handing "slow greyhounds" into the pound condemning them to certain death, these activities sadly typify the attitude of far too many owners/breeders.

Greyhounds have long associations with our Celtic past, yet sadly they are regarded as a racing commodity. When they run their final race, often at the age of two or three, death is almost a certainty.

Thousands are bred annually, which means thousands are "retired" and die annually; a few hundred lucky ones find their way into rescue. These loyal dogs deserve better than a life short lived.

Steven O'Leary,



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