Sunday 22 April 2018

Greens put brake on FF excesses

The furore over the Taoiseach's controversial radio interview should make us very grateful that the Green Party is in government with Fianna Fail. For without the restraining hand of the Greens, I suspect that incidents like this one would look tame indeed compared to what the larger party might be getting up to.

Thanks to the Greens, the infamous Galway tent is gone. Without them in coalition with Fianna Fail, there would be many more such tents and similar dubious sources of income from which the formerly unstoppable Republican Party could still be drawing solace and massive funding.

The stags of Meath would still be living in terror, frantically darting about and looking over their shoulders in expectation of being hounded to injury and exhaustion, had the fate of the Ward Union been left to Fianna Fail.

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