Thursday 21 November 2019

Greens are now dead as dodos

The Green Party has entered the same kind of reinforced concrete denial, with regard to their political strategy, that they accuse the rest of us with regard to the environment.

They are putting off forever what needs to be done today. That is, pulling the plug on destructive policies.

The Greens, before they sold out, would have told us that it is impossible to get justice, with regard to building-related corruption in Fianna Fail.

They now defend that same party like it was their child.

The polls have the Greens in their rightful place, utterly irrelevant.

Dan Boyle told us how the Green Party was going to ensure the bank inquiry would be in public; Fianna Fail decided it's going to be very private and 'light touch' to boot.

John Gormley, the Minister for Stepping On, is only phoned by Brian Cowen when someone is needed to go before the cameras to explain the inexplicable, such as why we can't cope with weather.

Like any good environmental advocate, I would ask the Greens to change their bad habits and consider that the future belongs to our children.

Sometimes we have to sacrifice our short-term wants, such as hanging on to power for no honourable reason, for the longer-term good.

The Greens must realise that they are as dead as dodos.

It really doesn't matter if they are tossed aside now or in two years. By playing doormats to Fianna Fail, they are putting their selfishness above the welfare of the nation.

The polls don't lie.

Declan Doyle
Co kilkenny

Irish Independent

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