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Greek tragedy

• Greece has pulled back. However, this will be small respite for the Greek families who are being forced through economic hardship to hand their children over to the authorities.

This flies in the face of Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights, Article 7 of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and the EU Charter of Fundamental Freedoms.

All children have the right to be reared by their parents. Ireland needs to take note. As a first measure, the Insolvency Bill 2011 must be enacted immediately.

Perhaps Peter Robinson got it right in telling Enda Kenny to stick to supporting. The ball is in Enda's half. He still hasn't touched it.

Eithne Reid O'Doherty BL
Law Library, Four Courts, Dublin 7

• So, the Greeks have made the "right" choice and voted for their most popular pro-European party, New Democracy.

Indeed, with Antonis Samaras at the helm, it seems that the crushing terms of their bailout will be stuck to just as stringently as before, and the doomed euro will stagger on, having had a fresh inch of Sellotape added to its ever-cracking crutch.

I await eagerly the next urgent EU summit, at which the euro "can", having just been kicked further down the road, will be forced to continue its journey towards the fast approaching cliff-edge.

Killian Foley-Walsh

Irish Independent