Friday 24 November 2017

Greek tragedy

• In Greek mythology, the god of wealth, Ploutos, is blinded by Zeus, so that he might dispense his gifts without prejudice. When the god's sight is restored, he is then able to judge who is deserving of wealth, creating havoc. The received wisdom, that the IMF/EU/ECB troika are dispensing their 'gifts' of 'bailout' money without prejudice, must be challenged if we are to avoid chaos in Europe.

The troika are not in the business of benign, general population rescue, but rather, 'lost fortune hunting'.

What will it take for the proverbial 'euro' to drop? The on-going Greek/troika game of 'chicken', whereby ordinary Greeks are driven further into the ground, whilst the troika come up with ever more ways to attempt to draw blood from olives, is an increasingly sick farce, and one without seeming end.

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