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@dickclerkin8 Greece 2011; Ireland 2012? Precedent been set, water charges and pension levy are small fry compared to what will be coming down the tracks!

@roidrage I'm starting to like the idea of applying Erlang principles to countries: Let it crash. Thanks, Greece, you're rockin'.

@bristolpaul Poor Greece being treated like someone on benefits in hock to a loan shark.

@ChrisBryantMP Gross exaggeration in the press about Cameron on EU support for Greece. UK will still be paying via the IMF.

@torydom Greece leaving the euro would make Greece strong with tax reforms put through and privatised services. It would be a free market heaven.

@BBCNewsnight "Taking their streets, their islands, and their sun": what Europe is doing to Greece according to Greek MP Liana Kanelli. #newsnight


@newscientist Watch out on Monday: Incoming house-sized asteroid to skim past Earth.

@DrivetimeTech If you have something important to do or say, get it done over the weekend, as an asteroid will miss Earth by just 7,500 miles on Monday!

@mipesom One day one will hit us.

@Brianmcnair The journalism of catastrophe -- Giant asteroid to 'narrowly miss' Earth.

U2 Glastonbury

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@ NickyAACampbell U2 Tax Songs? 'I still haven't found a good bank off shore'? 'Hold me thrill me kiss me and offset it against expenses?'

@bbcglasto "As we're under 30, we don't really like U2."

@Dom_Sacco What's with all the U2 bashing? They are a great stadium band, have some fab songs and have lasted all these years :) > Amen.

@jonhoneyball U2 at Glastonbury "And I stiiiiilllll.... will not paaaaaaayy.... the tax biiiiillllllll". @caitlinmoran Glastonbury: U2's roadies sound checking "Mysterious Ways" under a blue sky as people eat bacon sandwiches. Sounds awesome.

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