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Grave offence

• On RTE's 'Frontline' debate on the property tax, a former Mayor of Dublin and member of the Labour Party Andrew Montague proffered the idea that those who cannot afford to meet any such tax should have it "deferred" until after their death, at which point the State can rifle their estate and retrieve the unpaid tax.

We have reached an extraordinary place where Labour regards it as fair and just that the State should levy a tax on people whose income and disposable cash, it acknowledges, renders them unable to afford it. It then compounds this dreadful vulgar ideology that we all thought had died with the PDs by supporting the implementation of a system in which people who have worked a lifetime and provided a roof over their families' heads, are to have their last will and testament torn up and part, if not all, of their estate taken by the State.

What is it about the government benches? Is there something in the air in that part of the building that turns what appear to be fair, rational "socialists" when on the opposition side into money-grubbing Thatcherites?

Jim O'Sullivan
Rathedmond, Co Sligo

Irish Independent