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Grave care valued

Sir -- An article (Sunday Independent, Jan 1, 2012) titled "Mysterious French lady speaks of devotion to Collins' memory" incorrectly gave the impression that the grave of Michael Collins in Glasnevin Cemetery is in some way dependent for its care and preservation on the attendance of private individuals acting on their own initiative.

The care and maintenance of Michael Collins' grave, which is owned by the State, is undertaken by Glasnevin Trust without it either being asked or seeking recompense.

The Trust welcomes the keen interest shown over many years by several members of the public, both in Ireland and abroad, towards the grave of Michael Collins along with many others such as Daniel O'Connell, Gerard Manley Hopkins, Charles Stewart Parnell, Countess Markievicz, Maud Gonne MacBride, Brendan Behan, Eamon de Valera and Luke Kelly.

The article also referred to a candlelight ceremony allegedly to be held at Michael Collins' grave in October this year. No such event is planned by Glasnevin Trust.

Anyone who wishes to hold a ceremony in the cemetery for whatever reason must first contact the Glasnevin Cemetery office.

George McCullough,

Chief Executive,

Glasnevin Trust

Sunday Independent