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Grateful for second chance

Sir-- After reading Eoghan Harris's column (Sunday Independent, December 18, 2011), I had to write to you and him on the subject of a brother suffering with depression. On March 11, a tsunami hit Japan, and on that very same day, a tsunami of despair, hopelessness and terror hit my twin brother. He put on his best suit, took every tablet he had gathered up over several weeks, went and laid down on his bed waiting for God to come and release him from the pain and suffering that he was enduring. Myself and my other brother kicked down his front door with only 20 minutes to spare, where we found him unconscious and barely breathing. He spent that weekend on a ventilator and it was not looking good for him, but somehow, he made a recovery with no damage to any of his organs. He spent the next six weeks in a psychiatric unit and underwent ECT. He left that hospital a new man and has continued to do well despite a little setback recently.

He is now looking forward to spending Christmas with his wife and daughter, grateful for the second chance he has been given. It is possible to recover from such a desperate illness with care and help from medical professionals, family, friends and work colleagues, and this is the message that should be heard loud and clear by anyone who is contemplating taking their own life, it is not a solution.

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