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Grand slams gives way to glam

Kim Bielenberg's article 'The Great GAA/Rugby Scrummage' (Irish Independent, July 16) was truly enlightening and as a lifelong GAA enthusiast, I'm grateful to Mr Bielenberg for convincing me that the merits of rugby far exceed the merits of Gaelic games.

All these years, I've been concentrating on the skills of the games, whether it's been Daragh O'Shea's majestic fielding for his native Kerry or Lar Corbett's ability to blast the sliothar into the back of the opposing net when wearing the blue and gold for Tipperary.

I realise now that I should've been focusing on the "glamour and celebrity" of rugby "that you don't really see in the GAA".

So now I'm off to brush up on that important part of rugby.

While I'm thinking of celebrity and glamour, where did I put the 'Weekend' magazine part of Saturday's paper, where fashionista Kerry's Paul Galvin is talking about his love for "cutting-edge minimalism"!

Donal Evoy
Cabinteely, Dublin 18

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