Friday 17 November 2017

Government can’t go on blaming Fianna Fail

• There has been a subtle change in rhetoric from both government backbenchers and ministers in recent weeks. In both print and broadcast media, we have been reminded – yet again – of the role Fianna Fail played in the state of our economy. Phrases such as "the mess we inherited" and the "legacy of the the previous government" have been bandied about more often than at any time in the last two years.

The citizens of Ireland are painfully aware of the mess that Fianna Fail left us in. Whether it's emigration of loved ones, the struggle to pay bills and mortgages or the raft of new taxes that family homes have to pay out of shrinking pay packets, we have constant reminders of Fianna Fail's legacy and gave that party the appropriate message in the last general election.

The Fine Gael-Labour Government, however, has been in power for over two years now. It has passed two budgets, three referendums and many other pieces of legislation, including the 'promissory note deal'.

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