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Gormley sell-out on hare coursing

The capitulation by John Gormley, Minister for the Environment, to the hare-coursing and hare-hunting community in order to allow another season of animal abuse is an act of political treachery.

Despite overwhelming evidence that hare coursing and hare hunting is an cruel unnecessary activity and Mr Gormley's views on animal welfare Irish hare hunters got permission to abuse this timid creature for their perverted needs.

Mr Gormley blew an opportunity to abolish hare coursing and hare hunting. No doubt his decision was riddled with political pressure and legal advice contortions.

Yet, instead of rising above this and forcing the issue, be bows the knee, while consigning the Irish hare to another season of cruelty and death.

What does it take to locate a national political figure in Ireland that is willing to take a view on an issue and to see it through to the bitter end? A politician who rises above the issue and lays down a marker to say this is the new reality and tells vested interests they can go hang.

Must we endure politicians devoid of backbone and rendered politically neutered on achievement of political office?

As we wait for politicians to develop a political spine Irish wildlife is being thrown to the dogs.



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