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Your story about the overtime and expenses claimed by Councillor Andrew McGuinness, son of Deputy John McGuinness, Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee, called for a little look at the maths of it all.

Andrew was paid €42,000 per annum. Assuming a 78-hour working fortnight, that works out at €21 per hour. Assuming double-time overtime (even though most employers operate time-and-a-half), we get an overtime figure of €42 per hour. To accumulate €30,800 in overtime in a year, you need to work 733 hours in addition to your yearly hours of 2,028. That equates to 18.7 weeks' overtime in 52 weeks.

Normal overtime would be €31.50 per hour, thus requiring 977 hours, or 25 weeks' overtime. Staggering. This is before we even talk about expenses claimed.

Conan Doyle



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