Tuesday 24 October 2017

Good Friday drink move hard to swallow

So once again the power of money and the lure of binge drinking overpowers what is good and correct in society. Our national holiday and the feast day of our national saint has been desecrated by the greedy who promote it as a day of binge-drinking.

That pales in comparison to the demand for pubs in Limerick city to open for a rugby game on Good Friday. Do these publicans pictured on newspapers and TV news bulletins holding up their pints really think we believe they are doing this for the greater good?

Apparently alcohol is available inside Thomand Park. Some 26,000 people will be inside Thomand Park for the battle of the two franchises (Munster and Leinster), so that begs the question why open the pubs outside the stadium? To accommodate the thousands who want to watch it on TV? To add to the pre- and post-match atmosphere? To line the pockets of greedy publicans?

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