Friday 22 November 2019

Good advice on women at work

Madam – How refreshing to read Norah Casey's piece (Sunday Independent, February 10, 2013) "Acting like Maggie Thatcher or a sex kitten won't get women to the top".

Norah's down-to-earth critique of gender balance or, more important, gender imbalance makes good reading. It is time we all stopped pussyfooting around the gender balance issue and came up with strategies to address the situation.

Take agriculture, for example, the one I am most familiar with having been involved in farming all my life. We have come from an era during the Celtic Tiger when agriculture was referred to as a sunset industry, to where we are now seen as a sunrise industry. Yet women remain invisible on agri-related boards and in top positions in farm organisations. We need to look at this gender imbalance and question how it can be addressed to the benefit of all involved in the industry.

What resonated most with me in Norah's article was when she referred to the need to focus on self-promotion and on networking. As I look around and see so many extremely capable women, I am convinced that maybe it is time we left the heavy lifting to our male counterparts and focused on what we are really good at. This will give us more time to focus on the how, not the why!

Joan Fitzpatrick,


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