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Going, going, gone

• I was absolutely appalled at Finance Minister Michael Noonan's comments about emigration among young people.

I graduated in November 2009 with a Masters degree in Broadcasting. Lecturers and media professionals I worked with throughout the year warned me of the bleak employment prospects so I took the initiative and emigrated to the Middle East, where I worked as a teacher until December 2011.

While all but two of my graduating class had employment I sought a job in Qatar where I could work rather than become a drain on the Irish social welfare system.

I came home last Christmas to seek employment, but if I cannot get a job I will most definitely have to emigrate again, so please, do not tell me Mr Noonan that this is a "lifestyle choice".

Last week I said goodbye to three friends who returned to Australia. All three are well-educated health professionals and left Ireland for the first time in 2009 because of the embargo in the HSE.

Through tears we lamented that some day we would all be able to return to Ireland for employment. So until then Mr Noonan, I suggest you and your ill-informed cronies in Leinster House "get real" and realise that we, the young people of Ireland, do not emigrate for the lifestyle but for a life!

Teresa Timmons
Nenagh, Co Tipperary

Irish Independent