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God's creatures

• Now October is upon us we are reminded that the killing season is here.

With fox-hunting bans in place in neighbouring countries, we anticipate the day that wild animals will live safely here.

In the UK, all the hunters have lost is the sordid pleasure gained from killing a living creature.

Now, there is no need to breed foxes to be hunted.

The excuse of pest control was destroyed by the leaking of a plea by the UK Master of Foxhounds Association to breed more foxes to cope with the then current fox shortage.

No doubt the situation is similar here.

The stag-hunt ban needs to be actively monitored as bans are useless unless they are actually enforced.

Leopards may not change their spots but neither do those who campaign against animal abuse bow out when only a small success has been achieved.

I call for any information of illegal hunting, shooting or other animal violations to be sent to the authorities to help them protect the other sentient beings that hunters use for fun and sport.

B Wright
The Ward, Co Dublin

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