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God save our kids from this waffle

THERE are enough laws in this country to protect the children of Ireland.

The law and the HSE could and should have intervened in protecting the children of the Roscommon case.

The Government cannot be allowed to use the excuse that a referendum would have been necessary to intervene properly.

Presently, the wording for a referendum is being put into place to include children in the Constitution.

The Irish Constitution protects every citizen, not just children, but the Constitution has been hugely damaged by some in Dail Eireann.

The waffle of an inexplicable Lisbon Treaty at the moment takes precedence over our own (brilliant) Constitution. The delay in the wording is probably because enough inexplicable waffle cannot be conjured up by those in charge so as to mix the electorate up.

When the wording is made public for the children's referendum, it will certainly be the most misunderstood nonsense since the Lisbon Treaty, which no one understood at the time and which we still can't understand.

God save the children of Ireland from some in this present Government and from some within the HSE.

John Donohoe
Portarlington, Co Laois

Irish Independent