Wednesday 21 February 2018

God is still vital in the modern equation

The idea that the Catholic Church regards technology as inherently evil is simply absurd. Priests use cars and mobile phones as much as anyone else; and so do millions of lay Catholics.

Technology has given us the prosthetic limb but also the landmine; x-ray treatments but also the atomic bomb. The Pope was saying we shouldn't regard ourselves as above needing God simply because we have "advanced" technology.

Bernard O'Reilly (Letters, April 21) asks how technology can be evil if it is used for the benefit of humanity. The first question here must be, who decides what is "of benefit" to humanity? I think the Pope's answer is that because mankind can delude itself into thinking all kinds of horrendous behaviour is acceptable "for the benefit of mankind", we need a higher moral compass, namely God. We "play God" when we decide not to include the wisdom of God in the equation.

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