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God in the details

l To add to Philip O'Neill's comments (Letters, June 26), science deals with the material world and if you are a materialist then it has the answers. If your imagination stretches to a spiritual world then you can have a non-material being that we cannot prove exists by material science, but we can theorise on such as pure energy and God. I wrote a verse drawn from Biblical sources that gives an insight:

I Am Who Am (Yahweh)

May they have as much knowledge of me,

As the stars in the sky, the water in the sea,

They must not boast of their beauty or brains,

But the knowledge of me their search attains,

I am the God of love, a spirit, one divinity,

Eternally got, I am from infinity to infinity,

I who changeth not, doth live within thee,

Nought can be subtracted or added to me,

Time changes man and the material earth,

Everything ages, the clock starts at birth,

In zero time I live, no watch need I wear,

No calendar, the same zero day and year,

I Am Who Am, is my burning bush name,

To Moses it was plain, I remain the same,

Make no image of me; I have no mortal parts,

A visual likeness is beyond the human arts,

I live in the present; got no future or past,

The earth will die, but I am the first and last.

Noel Flannery
Oldfield, SCR, Limerick

Irish Independent