Saturday 17 February 2018

Giving credit where credit due

Sir -- I refer to two articles published in the Sunday Independent on May 29, 2011 -- one article headed 'Mother of two in plea for protection from bullying banks' by Alison O'Riordan, and the second article headed 'Repossessions to surge as mortgage crisis deepens' by Jerome Reilly and Maeve Sheehan.

I am sadly one of the 25,000 families who are currently in mortgage arrears. I very much sympathise with Jillian Godsil, the mother of two from Wicklow with the debt she has acquired, albeit through no fault of her own. The stress and strain of any debt burden renders much pain and suffering for all involved.

Conversely, the prospect of losing one's home is a very different scenario to say the least. Who would ever have thought back in the days when the 'Celtic Tiger' reigned, that so many families would end up facing the prospect of losing their home nearly as soon as the Celtic Tiger finally bolted out of town along with his creators!

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