Thursday 22 March 2018

Giving away a priceless asset

• The Howlin/Noonan fiasco delivered over the 19th anniversary of the 1921 Treaty was definitely not by Angela Merkel: as a Lutheran she would have enshrined the responsibility of the citizen to the state and vice versa, whereas this Budget strengthens the black economy in the Republic and the economy of Northern Ireland as it tinkers around the edges of fiscal responsibility.

Enda Kenny is in the mindset of Garret FitzGerald in regard to the EU and federalism. Mr FitzGerald pushed for a treaty to involve every EU state in the event of a coup d'etat occurring in any member state.

Mr Kenny, instead of reaching out to the Irish nation, and showing leadership to prevent a recurrence of the recent financial catastrophe, is in favour of a treaty that will compel Irish governments to be fiscally responsible -- and by extension, the citizenry. How tragic that as we near 2012, the calibre of Irish parliamentarians appears to be at a nadir. The general election created no difference between the present gov-ernment and the previous.

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