Thursday 22 February 2018

Give 'Titanic' boss a break

Sir -- Donal Fitzgerald, in reply to Pat Flynn's letter previously, writes in some depth about Bruce Ismay's life post-Titanic.

Bruce Ismay is famous because of the fact that he survived the sinking of the Titanic -- and the way in which he survived.

The public castigation of Ismay has been brutal since that night in 1912, especially James Cameron's depiction of him in the 1997 film, in which he is played by the actor Jonathan Hyde. In the film, he is seen as a rich, yet grossly ignorant businessman, far from the truth, I suspect. I doubt that a man who was chairman of IMM (International Mercantile Marine, the owners of White Star Line, which in turn, owned Titanic) could be so ignorant.

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