Monday 9 December 2019

Give 'em your money, Bob

Madam - So, Bob Geldof is re-running the Band Aid single, Do They Know It's Christmas?

Did you know that the combined wealth of the new generation of Band Aid singers is circa €3bn? More interestingly, the combined wealth of the original Band Aid singers is fast approaching €20bn.

No doubt Bob would say that personal wealth isn't the issue.

But it is, Bob, it certainly is.

What we need today is a firebrand public figure, to rally a call to confront the astonishing and fundamentally immoral, world-wide wealth gap, between the desperately poor and the complacent rich.

I have no doubt that bored pop singers feel good when they ask others to throw a few coins at starving and desperate Africans. But that approach was seen to be an abject failure 30 years ago.

So, come on Bob, it's time to twist Bono's arm for a three hundred million euro donation. Get Sting and David Bowie to hand over five hundred million.

You know they will still have more money than they could ever spend after your finished with them. After all, it's Christmas time, there's no need to be afraid of putting your vast wealth where your mouth is.

Declan Doyle,


A choral treat in store tonight

Madam - This very evening at 6.30 in the magnificent Titantic Building in Belfast, the final of the School Choir of the Year Competition will take place.

Watching this competition on the last few Sunday evenings on RTE has been an absolute joy.

The talent of all the choirs performing has been wonderful and of a very high standard. And the short introductory films of school life by the pupils themselves before each performance, brought tears to my eyes, as such a school life is alien to what I experienced back in the 1960s. I do not recall one happy day of my long school life.

So, to today's generation I say enjoy your school life and be happy. For be assured, from the evidence of your own excellent film-making, all aspects of school life have improved beyond my expectations, and for the better.

Having such wonderful memories of last year's competition, I can guarantee a real treat of music and song for all who tune in this evening. I wish all the finalists the very best.

Brian Mc Devitt,

Glenties, Co Donegal

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