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Give details of fateful bank guarantee night

I AM delighted to hear that Brian Lenihan is now providing more information about the bailout that the taxpayers of Ireland will have to pay as a result of Fianna Fail's negligence.

Perhaps he will submit to the public record the minutes of the meeting in September 2008 when he and his colleagues met with the bankers which ended up with a blanket guarantee for the banks. The cheapest bailout in history ended up as the biggest bailout in the world.

As a former minister of finance he had a duty to protect and manage the finances of Ireland. He and his predecessors failed miserably. We could not even make 100 years of independence as the Fianna Fail/Greens government signed away our sovereignty.

For some reason we seem to reward failure in this country. Banks, bankers, regulators and politicians are all bailed out and pensioned off when they have brought the country to ruin while the taxpayer is obliged to pick up the tab.

When will those people who were in powerful positions be made accountable for their actions?

At the very least the Irish people need to know the details of what happened on that fateful night in 2008.