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Giggs revelations will not go down in history

The recent revelations concerning Ryan Giggs are a non-story. It's gossip; it's trivia wrote large; it's chewing gum for the brain; it's mind-numbingly superficial rubbish; it's a word that rhymes with "trap". In 50 years' time, knowing about this story will have no beneficial consequences for anybody.

What do we know about the bombing going on in Libya? We hear all the time about civilians not being targeted, yet Gaddafi's youngest son and three grandchildren were killed in one attack.

NATO targeted civilian infrastructure in Iraq, Bosnia, and Afghanistan. Why should Libya be any different?

The next G8 meeting will discuss the future of the internet and how far to regulate it -- that is, limiting access.

In 50 years' time, access to the internet will be pivotal in our daily lives and wars fought 50 years previously will still be impacting on the lives of those who experienced those wars; as we are still affected by events in Europe over 60 years ago.

Will we still be analysing the gossip then or will we have chosen freedom?

Louis Shawcross
Hillsborough, Co Down

Irish Independent