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Ghettos created by lack of action

Sir -- The fact that Limerick is once again in the national headlines because of brutal gunshot murders indicates a further step in the savagery being allowed flourish in the city. The multimillion euro Regeneration Boards were supposed to change the cultural climate in Limerick's troubled estates but the situation only gets worse. The fact is ghettos are not only being tolerated in Limerick, they are being created by the lack of progressive action from the Regeneration Boards.

The current situation is evidence that no amount of highly paid public relations can plaster over the lack of effective action to improve the living standards of ordinary people in the troubled areas.

As a local community activist, I see the awful misery and lack of ambition caused by drug pushing and the abuse of illegal drugs in city neighbourhoods. The situation is getting worse and no one seems to care.It is now time for the Regeneration Boards to live up to the promises made to decent people forced to live in what can only be described as inhumane conditions.

Sean O'Neill,

Quinn's Cottages, Limerick

Sunday Independent