Monday 23 April 2018

Getting rid of a bad name

Sir -- Like many others, I like to sit down in the evening and watch a few of the soaps. I have to say they are a great escape, especially in the current recession with the amount of negative news programmes that are pumped out on a daily basis.

Coronation Street is high on my list of favourites. I sat down on Monday to watch it and I got a great giggle when two of the cast (young lads) had a discussion on how sad it was that anyone would choose the names Deirdre and Audrey for their children.

You see, my parents named two of their seven children Deirdre and Audrey. I was given the name Deirdre and my younger sister was given Audrey. I never liked my name Deirdre for a number of reasons. One had to do with the fact that neither my mother nor my father agreed to call me by the same name.

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